Facets of Electron Crystallography 2010

Facets of Electron Crystallography, An International Three Day Workshop, Berlin July 7-9, 2010, organized by Peter Moeck, Stavros Nicolopoulos, and Wolfgang Neumann

Selected Lectures

Wolfgang Neumann, Humboldt University Berlin:

Stavros Nicolopoulos, NanoMEGAS:

Edgar Rauch, SIMaP CNRS / Grenoble – INP: 

Muriel Véron, SIMAP-Phelma, Grenoble:

Peter Moeck, Portland State University: 

Emrah Yücelen, FEI Company, The Netherlands: 

(not available)

Sven Hovmöller, Stockholm University, Sweden: Electron Crystallography 

Jean-Paul Morniroli, Université Lille, France:

Carmelo Giacovazzo, Insituto di Cristallografia, Italy:

Lukas Palatinus, Institute of Physics, AS CR, Prague:

Carmelo Giacovazzo, Insituto di Cristallografia, Italy:

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