Facets of Electron Crystallography 2010 Photos

Photos from the International Three Day Workshop “Facets of Electron Crystallography”, Berlin July 7-9, 2010, organized by Peter Moeck, Stavros Nicolopoulos, and Wolfgang Neumann

First the work. Sven Hovmöller introducing some 70 participants to electron crystallography at the Max Born Lecture Hall
Everybody listening carefully
Jean-Paul Morniroli introducing precession electron diffraction
Wolfgang Neumann chairing the session
Ute Kolb on solving structures from electron diffraction tomography data
Jan Pieter Abrahams on electron nanocrystallography of 3D protein crystals
Discussion after Carmelo Giacovazzo’s talk
Introducing the next speaker: Lukas Palatinus

and then the party at the Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth

Wolfgang opening the buffet
A few seconds later
Stavros pretty happy (perhaps thinking about the ASTAR/DigiSTAR systems he will sell as a result of the workshop)
Wolfgang announcing the winners of the Best Poster Prize: Lorenz Kienle and his research group
Note both the certificate and the white envelope with an undisclosed amount of cash
Lorenz Kienle (with the certificate) and Andriy Lotnyk (with the white envelope) “enveloped” by the members of the Poster Prize Committee