Open-Access Crystallographic Databases American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database (AMCSD) Crystal structures of minerals (large) Biological Macromolecule Crystallization Database (BMCD) Crystallization procedures for biological macromolecules (medium) Crystallography Database Java application frontend crystal structure searches (from the COD) and display (in Jmol), large collection of data Crystal Morphology Database (CMD)Morphology of crystals (small) Database of Zeolite StructuresCrystal structures of zeolites (small) Electron […]

3D Print Files

PSU 3D Converter A dedicated web-based tool has been created that allows users to find atmoic structures, create 3D models, and export the model to 3D print files.  One can search the Crystallographic Open Database (COD), download CIF data files, and then open them in the same tool for 3D visualization.  The 3D model may […]

Crystallography Open Database

Crystallography Open Database [North American Mirror, modified search interface and JSmol/Jmol displays] Search and view Several crystallography databases are offered for browsing. You can search the databases, download and display the contained Crystallographic Information Files  (CIFs), view 3D models of the encoded crystal structures and morphologies. We also provide the North American mirror of the Crystallography Open Database (COD) […]


Ruben BjøergeM.S. (Physics, PSU, 2007)Masters Thesis Now: Research Scientist at SINTEF Bjoern Seipel ✝ Research Assistant Professor of PhysicsPh.D. (Mineralogy, 2003) Now:Senior PhysicistSolarWorld, Portland/OR Girish UpretiM.S. (Physics, PSU, 2006) Now:Assistant Professor of EngineeringMethodist University Bill MoonM.S. (Physics, PSU, 2011)B.S. (Mathematics, 1988)Masters Thesis Now:Process EngineerIntel Hillsboro Galen GledhillB.S. (Physics, PSU, 2014) Now: PhD student at University of Oregon […]


The goal of this project is to provide interactive 3D visualizations of crystal structures and morphologies in order to help educate future materials scientists and engineers worldwide. We also host freely downloadable 3D print files of crystallographic models. This website is maintained by Portland State’s Nano-Crystallography Group and utilized for classroom demonstrations in courses such as introductory […]

Recent Senior Collaborators

Rama K. Vasudevan Research and Development AssociatePhD (Materials Science, 2013)Email: 2019 – Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences DivisionOak Ridge National LaboratoryPhone: (865) 574-1034 Jennifer Stone-Sundberg Research Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Chemistry, 2002) Email: Email: Fall 2011 – Office: STRC 401 Crystal Solutions, LLC 1719 SW 10th Ave Suite 134 Portland, OR 97201 Trevor J. SnyderThermal/Mechanical/Materials Principal EngineerPh.D. (Mechanical Engineering 1996)2012 – […]


Peter Moeck Professor of PhysicsPhD (Dr. rer. nat. Crystallography, 1991) Email: pmoeck@pdx.eduPhone: (503) 725-4227Office: Room 404, SRTC Gabriel EngGraduate StudentSummer 2019 – Present Email: eng3@pdx.eduPhone: (503) 725-4248Office: Room 201 B, Sci Bldg. 1 Regan GarnerUndergraduate StudentSpring 2019 – Present Email: gregan@pdx.eduPhone: (503) 725-4248Office: Room 201 B, Sci Bldg. 1 Choomno MoosUndergraduate StudentSpring 2019 – Present Email: […]