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100 years of modern crystallography: Welcome to the Open Access Crystallography Resource Portal Crystallography Open Database: Contains more then 360,000 small molecules and small to medium unit cell crystal structures (including minerals but excluding biopolymers). Main sites (in France) and (in Lithuania). Less frequently updated mirrors (in France), (in Spain), and (in North America). Portland State University’s Nano-Crystallography Group: hosts small educational open […]

Facets of Electron Crystallography 2010 Photos

Photos from the International Three Day Workshop “Facets of Electron Crystallography”, Berlin July 7-9, 2010, organized by Peter Moeck, Stavros Nicolopoulos, and Wolfgang Neumann and then the party at the Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth

Facets of Electron Crystallography 2010

Facets of Electron Crystallography, An International Three Day Workshop, Berlin July 7-9, 2010, organized by Peter Moeck, Stavros Nicolopoulos, and Wolfgang Neumann Selected Lectures Wolfgang Neumann, Humboldt University Berlin: Stavros Nicolopoulos, NanoMEGAS: Edgar Rauch, SIMaP CNRS / Grenoble – INP:  Muriel Véron, SIMAP-Phelma, Grenoble: Peter Moeck, Portland State University:  Emrah Yücelen, FEI Company, The Netherlands:  (not available) Sven Hovmöller, Stockholm University, Sweden: Electron […]

Patents and Publications

For updates see here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Patents 1984 – 2007 Peter Moeck, Database Supported Nanocrystal Structure Identification by Lattice-Fringe Fingerprinting with Structure Factor Extraction, US Patent Application No. 11/800, 422, Filing Date: May 3, 2007. P. Moeck, N. D. Browning, Process for Forming Semiconductor Quantum Dots with Superior Structural Stability, Based on Earlier Provisional Patent Application Registration Number 29,381: P. Moeck, T. […]

There and Back Again

A Nano-Crystallographer’s Tale … At the 8th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Section University of Puget Sound,Tacoma, Washington.The abstracts presented in the meeting: Image-based Nanocrystallography in Two and Three Dimensions with Database Support Open Access Internet Resources for Nano-Materials Physics Education Gallium Nitride Calcined with Copper Oxide: Structural and Spectroscopic Studies Nanocrystal Phase Identification by Lattice Fringe Fingerprinting […]

Talks and Posters

For updates see here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 2001 P. Moeck, T. Topuria, N. D. Browning, R. J. Nicholas, R. G. Booker, Atomic Self-Ordering in Heteroepitaxially Grown Semiconductor Quantum Dots Due to Relaxation of External Lattice Mismatch Strains, Proceedings 2001 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting Volume 696 N8.8, November 26 – 30, 2001, Boston, Massachussetts. P. Moeck, T. Topuria, Y. Y. Lei, N. […]

Academic Visitors

Dr. Amita Srivastava (nee Gupta)Ph.D. (Materials Science, 2004) Email: Amitastar@gmail.comSeptember 2004 – December 2004Scientific Officer DFunctional Materials SectionMaterials Science DivisionBhabha Atomic Research CentreMumbai-4000 85 Dr. Ines HaeuslerPh.D. (Physics, 2007) Email: 2011 – August 2011Humboldt University BerlinInstitute of PhysicsGroup TEMNewtonstr. 1512489 Berlin Prof. Jinxiang WangAssociate Professor of AutomationPh.D. (Engineering, 1996) Email: wang_jinxiang@yahoo.comJune 2008 – December […]

Open Positions

Graduate Student – Portland State University, Portland, Oregon MSc / PhD candidate position in crystallography / applied physics The Nanocrystallography Group at the Department of Physics of Portland State University is seeking candidates (m/f) for MSc and PhD projects in the field of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) based nanocrystallography. The graduate student projects focus on […]

MRS Tutorial and Seminars 2009

Electron Crystallography Tutorial at the Spring 2009 Meeting of the Materials Research Society, April 13, 2009, organized by Peter Moeck Sven Hovmöller, Stockholm University: Seminar at University of California at Davis, June 4, 2009 Peter Moeck, Portland State University: Acceptance speech “Outstanding Project Award” of the Northwest Academic Computing Consortium, June 10, 2009 Peter Moeck, Portland State University:


Open-Access Crystallographic Databases American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database (AMCSD) Crystal structures of minerals (large) Biological Macromolecule Crystallization Database (BMCD) Crystallization procedures for biological macromolecules (medium) Crystallography Database Java application frontend crystal structure searches (from the COD) and display (in Jmol), large collection of data Crystal Morphology Database (CMD)Morphology of crystals (small) Database of Zeolite StructuresCrystal structures of zeolites (small) Electron […]